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We at DMA Fencing believe Bayco Finish Line horse fencing is the safest horse fence available.

Safe Horse FencingWhy?

Finish-Line provides secure fencing in any environment from paddock to pasture.
Its flexible construction provides a safety advantage for your horses and livestock.
Made from a synthetic polymer monofilament, FINISH-LINE stretches up to 20% and bounces right back to its original shape. Unlike steel wire, FINISH-LINE does not conduct electricity. It's lightning safe.


Bayco Finish Line: when you want safe horse fencing.

Due to the unpredictable nature of livestock, their ownership and confinement creates liability risks that are the responsibility of their owners. DMA Enterprises INC/ DMA Fencing makes no guarantee, expressed or implied that the use of our products will prevent potential property damage, livestock, or human injury caused by an attempt to contain such animals.

Finish Line horse fence can easily be installed over uneven and difficult terrain.