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Installing this fencing is easy.

horse fencing, safe horse fencing, Bayco Finish Line, Finish Line, wireless fencing, DMA fencingAnchor Vises are the key to easy installation. Once the fencing is inserted through the one-way anchor vise it allows you to pull one direction to tension but locks it from loosening. You can pull to tension but the fencing is locked from going the other way and loosening.

1. Using the Anchor Vise at the corner or starting post, drill a 5/8" hole, thread the fencing through the hole and into the anchor vice.

2. Continue stringing the fencing through your in line posts to your corner, or end post.

3. Again drill a 5/8" hole, thread the fencing through the post into another anchor vise and HAND PULL it until you get the desired tension (about 3% of the static length). You can pull from both ends if you are spanning a long distance.

Bayco Finish-Line

4. If you need to repair or continue on with your fencing at a later date, use a Splicer. Insert one end of the fencing into one end of the splicer and the other end into the other end of the splicer. Go to the end post and HAND PULL to tighten.


»  We recommend 58" to 60" exposed post height.

»  We like to set our posts between 8' and 12' apart, this depends on your horses, you know them best.

»  We recommend a minimum of 4 to 6 strands, again depending on your horses.

»  We recommend 8 to 9 inches between each strand, with your bottom strand at least 18" to 20" above the ground.

»  We recommend an electric line especially with foals or young horses, To install electric, simply wrap 17 gauge electric fence wire around the Bayco Finish Line ( second line from the top or for foals second line from the bottom)

»  The reason we recommend installation with insulators is so that electric wire can be added simply by wrapping it around the strand of fencing and through the insulators, your choice of which strand, depending on your horses.

For additional installation options and instructions, please contact us. There are many different ways to install Bayco Finish Line as well as many other things for which it can be used. Please let us know any questions you may have.

Due to the unpredictable nature of livestock, their ownership and confinement creates liability risks that are the responsibility of their owners. DMA Enterprises INC/ DMA Fencing makes no guarantee, expressed or implied that the use of our products will prevent potential property damage, livestock, or human injury caused by an attempt to contain such animals.