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Composite Posts

Dura-Line support strands are a high-tensile polyamide (PA6) with low-elongation, compact cross section, and high breaking strength. This material is idea for orchards, vineyards, shade covers, Ocean Farming, netting and fencing.

Dura-Line's excellent properties are based on the use of a high-quality raw material and on a rigorous production procedure. A UV and eather-resistant line, Dura-Line users enjoy economical and long-lasting service.

Other applications of Dura-Line support material include shading and roofing installations for greenhouses. Unlike steel and aluminum, it has excellent stability against heat with effectively prevents melting or damage to the plastic film covers in greenhouses.

wirelessThe Dura-Line Difference:

  • Low-elongation
  • UV and weather-stabilized
  • Black color provides higher protection against all weather conditions
  • Two to three rows can be installed simultaneously -- saving time and manpower
  • Virtually maintenance free through high summer heat and winter cold
  • Features a permanent, smooth surface that prevents friction and eliminates rust damage
  • Not affected by pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers
  • High-insulation ability against low temperatures helps to ensure that frost damage to plants does not occur
  • UV and weather-resistant properties help preserve high tensile strength for many years
  • Load capacity is above average
  • Lightning proof

Dura-Line Benefits:

Product Characteristics
High tensile strength and low elongation/stretch.  Maximum UV resistance.  Melting Point – 419 F.  Softening Temp – 356 F.

Dura-Line is resistant to lightning damage and does not conduct electricity.  In irrigated vineyards/nurseries the use of Dura/Line minimizes the probability of lightning strikes.  The conductivity of metal wire often draws lightning and destroys irrigation pumps/systems and established vines.

Dura/Line is 7x lighter than same gauge high tensile wire.  Dura/Line has a runnage of 34.72yds./lb. versus only 5.36yds./lb. for steel.  Weight savings translates into easier handling and significant transport savings.

Dura/Line maintains its appearance year after year and tensioned correctly does not sag.  Dura/Line can be installed with steel or wooden post systems.  The flexibility of Dura/Line allows the catch wires to be moved out of the way to facilitate pruning or moved to higher positions on the post to accommodate cane growth.

The black color of Dura/Line collects solar radiation more effectively than steel and heats significantly faster in cooler climates. 

Thermal Coefficient
No expansion and contractions of the line through seasonal heating and cooling cycles.  No need for re-tensioning.  The low thermal coefficient of Dura/Line prevents frozen wire contact damage to the vine.

Dura/Line boasts high resistance to all chemical sprays and is impervious to sunlight, all agricultural fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, phosphate, all hydrocarbons (diesel fuels, petroleum, paraffin, oils) and organic solvents.
Dura/Line will not rust, rot or corrode.  Dura/Line is resistant to salt water and is ideal for use in areas subject to flooding and high salt areas, particularly coastal regions due to its non-corrosive properties.

Mechanical Harvesting
Under mechanical harvesting operations, Dura/Line translates the vibrational energy of the harvester 10% more efficiently than steel.  This feature allows the mechanical picker to be turned down and placed on a lower, softer setting with more vibrations, preserving fruit conditions and quality.

Dura/Line requires no additional attachment devices to the main posts.  This material con be tied and knotted for end post attachment.

Vineyard/Nursery Applications:

Fruit Loading

The following main line diameter recommendations are based on standard installation characteristics from Dura/Line vineyards in Italy.  Main line recommendations are derived from a combination of post spacing and anticipated fruit production per hectare (2.5 acres):

  • For fruit production under 7,000-8,000 lbs. per hectare (2.6 acres) and posts not farther than 3 meters apart – main line requirement = 3.00mm.
  • For fruit production under 26,000-29,000 lbs. per hectare (2.6 acres) and posts not farther than 4-5 meters apart – main line requirement = 4.00mm.
  • For fruit production less than 33,000 lbs. per hectare (2.6 acres) and posts not farther than 6 meters apart – main line requirement = 5.00mm.
  • For fruit production more than 44,000-55,000 lbs. per hectare (2.6 acres) and posts not farther than 6 meters apart – main line requirement = 6.00mm.

Catch Wires

  • Dura/Line 2.50mm and 3.00mm should be used for the catch wires of the support system.
  • 2.50mm can be used with post spacing less than 4 meters and light fruit loads (berries).
  • 3,00mm should be used with increased post spacing and higher expected fruit loading.

     Catch wire spacing should be 12-17 inches from the main line to the first catch wire and 15-20 inches between the first and second catch wire.  The position of these catch wires can be adjusted on the supporting posts to accommodate pruning operations and seasonal cane growth with the Dura-Clip.